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Blast chillers and freezers

Blast chilling and blast freezing can be a big advantage in most galleys allowing food preparation to be more efficient, as foods that have been blast chilled can be kept for up to 4 days before re-heating.

Blast freezing or shock freezing allows food to be rapidly frozen with reduced cell damage, giving foods a better taste and appearance when defrosted.

Food does not loose it’s appearance, taste or affect the texture. The rapid chilling avoids bacteria growth and reduces the risk of associated health problems.


  • Control panel with soft touch buttons and
    digital display
  • Microprocessor controlled blast chilling &
  • Selectable soft-/hard-chilling process
  • Stainless steel product probe for precise
    and accurate soft chilling
  • Controller with ability to store 8 individual
    processes for rapid selection
  • Automatic holding mode after the blast
    chilling or blast freezing process has
  • Visual and audible high/low temperature
  • Door open alarm
  • Probe failure alarm
  • Exterior / Interior finish in stainless steel
    grade AISI 304
  • Insulation with high density CFC/HCFC
    free polyurethane
  • 10 pairs stainless steel shelf runners
    dimensioned for GN 1/1 containers
  • Door equipped with marine handle
    complete with lock, magnetic gasket and
    heavy-duty spring hinges
  • Efficient, hermetic air cooled CFC/HCFC
    refrigerant system
  • Marine stainless steel legs to accept 9 mm
    deck fixing bolts, height adjustable from
    130 mm to 205 mm
  • Electrical supply 230V/50-60Hz or 115V/60Hz
Optional Features
  • Door operated UV-C sterilisation lamp
  • Door operated internal LED light
  • Extra anti-tilt stainless steel shelf runners
    as required
  • Shorter marine stainless steel legs,
    adjustable from 70 to 105 mm
  • Condensate tray with heater
  • Water cooled condenser with valve for
    connection to a chiller plant system
  • Also available for connection to a central
    cooling refrigeration system
  • Heat treated wooden packaging


  FM BC/BF 720
Width (mm) 850
Depth (mm) 750
Height (mm) 2030
Blast Chilling Capacity* 30 kg/90 min
Blast Freezing Capacity** 70 kg/12 hrs
Shock Freezing Capacity*** 25 kg/2.5 hrs
Ambient Temperature +5...+32 ºC
Connection Power (kW) 230V/50Hz 1.6
Connection Power (kW) 115V/60Hz 1.6
Gross Weight (kg) 190


* Blast chilling capacities have been calculated using GN1/1 trays 65mm deep with a product thickness of 50mm entering at +70 to +3°C within the stated time period.
** Blast freezing capacities have been calculated using GN1/1–65mm deep trays with a product thickness of 50mm from 0 to –18°C .
*** All Porkka appliances meet international standards and requirements for Blast Chilling of foodstuffs.